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WinTr is advanced FREE DOWNLOAD SCADA SOFTWARE for monitoring and saving datas of manufacturing processes which seperated large areas. Devices managed from single station and they can be connected with OPC Client, S7 MPI,S7 PPI, Profinet (S7 1200), Modbus RTU(Delta plc and other), Modbus TCP/IP(Delta plc and other), Host-Link protocols(Omron), Mewtocol protocols(Panasonic). SCADA SYSTEMS Historical datas related to processes are saved into database.




WinTr Scada made up by two section as Deveopment and Runtime and has following capabilities:

  • = Alarms and Warnings can be defined for process values. When alarm or warning occurred, it can be monitored in the Screen real time and informed to E-Mail and SMS recipients.
  • = Easily creates detailed Reports from historical datas and saves them in Excel or PDF format..
  • = With Recipe, previously saved values for the tags are send to the devices by one click.
  • = For creating advanced Screen interfaces, WinTr contains;  Symbol Factory software which contains 4000 industrial symbol in 60 category, Dundas’s elegant Chart(Real Time, Historical, Pie, Line, Bar, 3D) and Gauge(Circular, Numeric, Linear, Knob) objects,
  • = Microsoft .NET Framework’s Button, CheckBox, RadioButton, Combobox, NumericUpDown, Horizantal ScroollBar, Vertical ScrollBar, ProgressBar, Datagridview,  DateTimePicker, TabControl, GroupBox, PictureBox, TextBox, Toolstrip objects.
  • = Unlimited flexibility withVisual Basic and C# scripting.
  • = Uses Microsoft SQL Serverfor(2005,2008,2012) databases. Limited 4gb, unlimited table and each table limited 950 Tags.  
  • = With Server-Client option WinTr stations can be run synchronously through Internet and Screens can be monitored on remote computers by web browsers such as Internet explorer. 

Communication:Opc Client,  S7 Mpi,  S7 PpiProfinetModbus Rtu/Tcp IpHost-Link (Omron), Fins Ethernet(Omron), Mewtocol(Panasonic), Slq Server Input/Output,  E-mail, Sms(Gsm Message)

Scada Object:Chart(Real Time,Historical,Pie,Line,Bar,3D),  Gauge(Circular,Numeric,Linear,Knob),  Symbol Factory,  CutawayAlarmview,  Recipeview,  EventView, .Net Object.(Button,  CheckBox,  RadioButton,  Combobox,  NumericUpDown,  Horizantal ScroollBar,  Vertical ScrollBar,  ProgressBar,  Datagridview,  DateTimePickerTabControl,  GroupBox,  PictureBox,  TextBox,  Toolstrip, Invisible Button, ActiveX, .Net comonent)

Script:Vb ScriptC# Script  Synchronous and asynchronous operation.

Database:SQL Server 2005 and all version support.

Report:Sms & Email,Print Document(Barcode)

Server & Client and WebServer:Web Server  




What is the main difference between WinTr and other SCADAs? Why should we prefer WinTr?
  •  = WinTr is sold acoording to External tag number. External Tags are: OPC, S7MPI, S7PPI, Profinet(S7 1200), Modbus RTU / TcpIp and SQL Server 2005 Tags. There is no limitation at Internal Tags. Total Tag number is limited to 65534. And no limitation at the    Tags being historical.
  • = WinTr Scada is sold with 3 years free upgrade warranty.
  • = WinTr Scada development is free, runtime and development are sold together.
  • = WinTr Scada users are given indefinite free technical support. (By email other than Turkey)
  • = You buy WinTr Scada license when you deliver your project to your customer after the completing your project. (With Demo license only first symbol of symbol factory can be used.)
  • = Many other scada softwares are not developed in .NET platform. .NET platform born in 2003. However WinTr is developed at .NET 2008. Thus development is very easy. Moreover it is compatible with Windows 7 and other operating systems that will be            released. New Operating systems are released .NET framework compatible.
  • = Many .NET objects that can not be found other SCADAs presented in WinTR. Thus your project get out of Windows 95 look and gets Vista apperiance.
  • = We are taking to your service 2009 years award winning chart object dundas chart and gauge. WinTr is the only scada software that uses this variation and visuality.
  • = Reaching Scada variables is very easy with SQL Input/Output tags. You can reach easily with other programs that you developed or internet browsers or excel. Many scada software export data to excel. WinTr can do this too. But the method mentioned here is  different. In this method, scada never reaches excel. Excel reaches to scada via excel macro.
  • = VB and C# scripts are work completely different. Scada softwares has a restrictions at script functions. However Wintr has no restrictions you can perform many operations by writing scripts almost as if developing program on .NET platform.
  • = It is possible to reach and modify scada informations other than the scada tags with scripts. When such needs occur we provide information our customers freely. We develop needed scripts for our customers some case free some case with fee.
  • = Scripts are compiled once at first then saved as .Net DLL. Then runs directly. Thus they run faster. Even huge amount operations can run very fast in the script.
  • = At many scada, the function number which can be run by a button or other object are limited. However 256 function can be run with WinTr Also you can trigger this functions when alarm occured or gone.
  • = Thousands WinTr scada may establish full or restricted access to each other via server and client functionality.
  • = Can be connected to automation devices via S7 MPI, PPI, Profinet, Host-Link and modbus RTU without OPC server.
  • = E-mail and SMS sent when specified conditions occur.
  • = You can create many different recipe algorithms with categorized recipe.
  • = Real time data monitoring and control can be done with real time working feature which achieved version 2.0.0
  • = First going Runtime mode at high number tags may be slow. Then all objects connects each other as interrupt and only works when values changed. Thus you can develop high tag count projects for slow computers. High number means 20000 tag and upper.
  • = Beside many image file you can use animated gif images in scada pages.
  • = We present all of this excelent features with low price.


    Scada Tutorial Video: How to make first scada project?



 Model & Price

Development & RuntimeXXXX
Realtime & Historical TrendXXXX
.Net Component ObjectXXXX
Symbol FactoryXXXX
Alarm ManagementXXXX
Vb & C# ScriptXXXX
Database Support (4 gb.)XXXX
Opc ClientXXXX
Plc Communication Driver XXX
Recipe XXX
Reporting  XX
Sms  XX
E-mail  XX
Printing (Barcode)  XX
Barcode Reader  XX
Excel Support  XX
Pdf Support  XX
WinTr Server & Redundant   X
Web Server (Limited*)   X
EventView   X
ActiveX, Dll, .Net component Support   X
* Webserver Controllable Object: Button, Checkbox, Radio Button, Picturebox, SymbolFactory, Cutaway, Drawing, invisible Button, Textbox, Numericupdown, Horizantal Scrollbar, Vertical Scroolbar. Other object read only.
64128 Usd.228 Usd.478 Usd.728 Usd.
128256 Usd.356 Usd.606 Usd.856 Usd.
256512 Usd.612 Usd.862 Usd.1112 Usd.
512768 Usd.868 Usd.1118 Usd.1368 Usd.
10241024 Usd.1124 Usd.1374 Usd.1624 Usd.
20482048 Usd.2148 Usd.2398 Usd.2648 Usd.
81924096 Usd.4196 Usd.4446 Usd.4696 Usd.
65535XXXXXXXXXXXX8192 Usd.
UnlimitedXXXXXXXXXXXX16384 Usd.


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