Variable frequency drive

Variable Frequency Drive

Also called variable speed drives, frequency converters, or inverters AC, a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is responsible for controlling the speed of electric motors supplying the energy needed for each process in question. What is a Variable Frequency Drive? A frequency converter is an electronic device that can be used to regulate the speed of …

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Electromagnetic flow meter suppliers in uae

Electromagnetic flowmeter features

Electromagnetic flow meter is a velocity flow measurement device. It measures volume flow of conductive liquids. It not only has on site display. It can provide standard current signals like 4-20ma. for recording and adjust controls to realize automatic detection and long-distance signal transmission. It can measure the flow of many kinds of liquids. Like slurries in water, wastewater, chemical, dairy, and so on. It can use in many kinds of industries. Food and beverages. Pharmaceutical and medical. Petrochemical and steel. Paper and mining, etc. The structure of the instrument has compact and remote type.

pressure transducer

Pressure transducer

Pressure transducers are the key components for monitoring and controlling the pressure of a fluid. They usually have a small diaphragm. That opens or closes according to the pressure levels that are programmed. Due to their operation, they are often confused with pressure transmitters since they perform similar functions.