We are one of the leading VFD electrical  control panels manufactures in uae. it uses to control the speed of an electric motor. Without a VFD, it is difficult to control the speed of an electric motor.  Because they tend to run at one constant speed.  You can change speeds by adjusting frequency. This allows you to have more precise control over how fast or slow your machine runs. Which is beneficial in many industries. since we are one of the leading switchgear manufacturers in uae we offer products with all technical certifications.

If you’re looking for a new drive system for your application, contact us today! We have years of experience in designing electrical control panels. It includes the most complex motor control station with an advanced SCADA system. Our team will work with you every step of the way.

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Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) are the most efficient way to control AC motors. They use less electricity and reduce energy costs by up to 30%. It increases motor life, performance, and reliability. You’ll see immediate benefits from using VFDs in your facility. It can integrate into existing systems with minimal downtime or disruption.
The best part is that there’s no need to replace any of your existing equipment! The system can upgrade without replacing anything on-site. add a panel where needed and enjoy the savings immediately. Our panel design is easy to install anywhere in your facility. Even if it’s already running at full capacity! All you have to do is plug them into an outlet – it’s that simple! And we offer free installation support so you don’t have to worry about hiring anyone else. We’ll take care of everything.
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The fuel handling system is an engineered system. It uses for the uninterrupted supply of fuel from storage facilities to equipment. Like engines, boilers, generators, etc with the provision to watch and control. We provide fuel systems to support critical and standby power generation requirements. Such as medical, hospitality, data center, defense, and public sectors. Diesel and petrol storage stations are the major projects in our profile.
We take care of the design and development. Onsite installation, testing, and commissioning as well as hand over to client services. We update with the latest developments in the industry with a handful of experiences. Also, we try to meet the complex customer requirements at the lowest cost.


Are you looking for a customized water treatment system? Our engineers have years of experience in a cost-effective design. It includes reverse osmosis, effluent, and sewage water treatment systems. The unit assembles in single and split skids. containerized reverse osmosis plat for portable purposes. Our water treatment systems controllers are suitable to operate from remote locations.

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Booster pump control panels use to maintain the system pressure upon requirements. A VFD controls the motor speed to achieve this requirement. The VFD receives the signal from a pressure transducer upon pressure variation. In some complex logic, a programmable logic controller uses to meet user requirements. Then the PLC sends the signal to the VFD as per the program logic.
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One of the most important areas of an HVAC  system is the pump control panels and monitoring systems. Experienced control panel suppliers understand not only the aspects of the electrical part. They also understand the fluid dynamics. It includes the operation of the pump to provide flow and pressure to function the system. We have experience in the entire design and are able to conduct commissioning.

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Capacitor panels are also generally known as capacitor banks. These special electric components work by boosting the power factor correction. Which reduces losses due to reactance.
Capacitors are essential in the powering of infrastructures. This is because they can help save power by preventing wasted electricity. Capacitor panels use for improving the power factor. Hence, it is suitable for power distribution in shopping malls and buildings. Capacitor banks are also used in substations as a source of reactive power. That can supply much closer to the load value. It helps to maximize the current capacity of transformers and transmission lines
Frequently asked questions

How does VFD control panel works

A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a motor speed adjustable controller that uses pulse-width modulation to control the speed of AC motors. VFDs are used in HVAC systems, elevators, and other applications where precise speed control is necessary. The most common type of VFD operates by varying the frequency of the power supplied to the motor while maintaining a constant voltage. This results in variable torque output from zero up to rated torque at maximum input voltage and minimum input current. In this way, energy efficiency can be improved beyond that afforded by simple PWM without additional hardware or software controls.