Our engineers are able to design all kinds of electrical control and switchgear panels. Those are adhering to the project specifications and the rules and regulations. Our production capabilities include System Architecture and design. Instrumentation and Control, Hardware Selection. Control Application Software Development & Testing. Factory Acceptance test, Instruments Field Installation, Commissioning, and Startup. Interface with Other Control Systems. Integrate the Plant Information with  Enterprise Data Management System. We assure our customers’ peace of mind while we take care of all aspects of the control system. Our electrical control Panels and switchgear adhere to strict manufacturing standards.

vfd panel


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Panels use in AC motor speed control applications. VFD Panels control motor speed by changing the motor input frequency . VFD Panels control the consumption of electricity in AC motors to reduce cost. They find application wherever there are AC motors. Like centrifugal pumps, compressor units, and fans used. Hence variable frequency drives often seen in paper mills and metal rolling. Extrusion plants, tube mills, and cable drawing processes. Other industries include pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cement, steel, rubber, automotive and heavy electrical unites.

What is a Variable Frequency Drive? How to select VFD specifications ? Read more 

electronic fuel monitoring system, fuel tank management system, fuel management system


The fuel handling system is an engineered system. It designed for the uninterrupted supply of fuel from storage facilities to equipment. Like engine, boilers, generators, etc with the provision to watch and control. We provide fuel systems to support critical and standby power generation requirements. Such as medical, hospitality, data center, defense, and public sectors.
We take care of the design and development. Onsite installation, testing and commissioning as well as hand over to client services.We update with the latest developments in the industry with a handful experience. Also we try to meet the complex customer requirements at the lowest cost.


We offer all kinds of water treatments systems. It includes reverse osmosis, effluent, sewage water treatment systems and so on. Our engineers experienced to design automated and cost effective water treatments systems. Systems for seawater and brackish water used for high flow rates. The system assembled in a single skid and split skid systems. containerized reverse osmosis plat for portable purpose. Water treatment systems controllers suitable to watch and control from remote locations.

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Booster pump controllers installed for pump automatic start and stop upon requirements. Pump on the system demand to maintain a constant pressure. Usually it is in a pressurized water supply system. System demand can detects by either pressure transducers or pressure switches. Controls can be as an on-off starter button or a complex logic. Programmable logic controller (PLC) with Human Machine Interface (HMI)  controls complex logic.
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One of the most important areas of an HVAC  system is the pump control panels and monitoring systems. Experienced control panel supplier understand not only the aspects of the electrical part. They also understand the fluid dynamics. It includes the pumps operation to provide flow and pressure to function the system . We have experienced the entire design and able to conduct commissioning.