Level sensors


Ultrasonic level sensor measures distance by using ultrasonic waves. The sensor head emits an ultrasonic wave and it receives the wave reflected back from the target. The ultrasonic level sensor measures the distance time between the emission and reception.

  • Application:Industrial Level Measurement.
  • Measuring Range: liquid:0.2-30 m
  • Process Connection: G2 Thread/ M95*2.0
  • Energy TransducerMaterial:ABS,PVC,PTFE
  • Temperature:-40~ 75 Deg C (LCD:-20ºC~ +70ºC)
  • Temperature compensation:The whole range with automatic compensation
  • Process Pressure :±0.1MPa
  • Precision:0.2% of actual range
  • Signal output:4-20mA (Option:HART)
  • Power Supply: DC20V~32V ≥30mA