Ultrasonic Level Sensor

The ultrasonic level sensor measures distance by using ultrasonic waves. The sensor head emits an ultrasonic wave and it receives the wave reflected back from the target. The ultrasonic level sensor measures the distance-time between the emission and reception. The measuring range depends on the range of the ultrasonic probe. The range of probes related to the working environment, the medium, the temperature, etc. The sensor is mainly used as a water level sensor, fuel level sensor, and so on.

ultrasonic level sensor remote type
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ultrasonic level sensor

Application: Industrial Level Measurement.

Measuring Range: liquid:0.2-30 m

Process Connection: G2 Thread/ M95*2.0

Energy TransducerMaterial:ABS,PVC,PTFE

Temperature:-40~ 75 Deg C (LCD:-20ºC~ +70ºC)

Temperature compensation:The whole range with automatic compensation

Process Pressure :±0.1MPa

Precision:0.2% of actual range

Signal output:4-20mA (Option:HART)

Power Supply: DC20V~32V ≥30mA

When installing the sensor, it must be noted that other devices or feeds are not allowed to block the ultrasonic beam. Bulges or step-like obstacles in the inner surface of the container can greatly influence the measurement, A refractor plate can be put in the bulges to deflect the false echo away, so as to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. A step-like obstacle in the container–requires an inclined transverse plate to refract the false echo away.
If the upper surface of an object is planar at the bottom of the container,It must be shielded by a refractor plate with a certain angle. The bottom of the container has a plat-topped protrusion–need to add a refracting plate.The device in the container, such as tubes and brackets, can affect the measurement. In the design of the measurement point, it must be noted that there must be no other devices within the diffusion range of the ultrasonic signal.

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