Flow meters


The electromagnetic flow meter measure the conductance volume of conductive liquid flow. Besides, it measure the general volume of conductive liquid flow. Products like strong acid, alkali, strong corrosive liquids, mud, pulp, pulp,etc.

  • Application:Industrial Level Measurement.
  • Measuring Range: liquid:0.2-30 m
  • Process Connection: G2 Thread/ M95*2.0
  • Energy TransducerMaterial:ABS,PVC,PTFE
  • Temperature:-40~ 75 Deg C (LCD:-20ºC~ +70ºC)
  • Temperature compensation:The whole range with automatic compensation
  • Process Pressure :±0.1MPa
  • Precision:0.2% of actual range
  • Signal output:4-20mA (Option:HART)
  • Power Supply: DC20V~32V ≥30mA