Flow meter

We are one of the leading flow meter suppliers in Dubai UAE. Our instrumentation engineers provide unlimited technical supports to the client from the selection of the right products to successfully hand over the project. We offer water flow meter, air flow meter, mass flow meter, turbine flow meter, and so on.

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Electromagnetic flow meter

Electromagnetic flow meter is a velocity flow measurement device. It measures volume flow of conductive liquids. It not only has on site display. It can provide standard current signals like 4-20ma. for recording and adjust controls to realize automatic detection and long-distance signal transmission. It can measure the flow of many kinds of liquids. Like slurries in water, wastewater, chemical, dairy, and so on. It can use in many kinds of industries. Food and beverages. Pharmaceutical and medical. Petrochemical and steel. Paper and mining, etc. The structure of the instrument has compact and remote type.

Vortex flow meter

Vortex flowmeters can measure liquids, air, steam and gases with relative ease. They are widely used for steam flow measurement. They can tolerate the high temperatures of steam. Steam is the most difficult fluid to measure. This is due to the high pressure and high temperature of steam.
vortex meters have wide rangeability. This allows them to measure steam flow at varying velocities. Vortex flowmeters are available in flanged, wafer, and insertion styles. Flanged and wafer (inline) styles offer greater accuracy than insertion meters. But, those are not practical to install in large line sizes. Insertion meters are sometimes used to measure flow in pipes that cannot be shut down

Mass flow meter

The mass flow meter measures the mass flow rate of a fluid traveling through a tube. The mass flow meter does not measure the volume per unit time passing through the device. It measures the mass per unit time flowing through the device. For example, kilograms per second.
Thermal mass flow meter used in monitoring or controlling mass-related processes. Such as chemical reactions that depend on the relative masses of unreacted ingredients. One of the major capabilities of thermal mass flow meters is to accurately measure low gas flow rates or low gas velocities.

Turbine flow meter

Turbine flow meter is used for volumetric total flow or flow rate measurement. It has a relatively simple working principle. When fluid flows through the turbine meter, it impinges upon turbine blades freely rotate about an axis along the center line of the turbine housing.
Turbine flow meters are used to measure clean, dry gases and liquids. It used in various industries. Such as petroleum, automotive, laboratory and water treatment. In some cases, applications are also found in the beverage and chemical industry as well.